Dragon Magic

Pierce practices Dragon Magic which is the natural magical abilities of dragons. Since he isn’t a dragon, he needs his follower, Rustscale’s help to cast spells. He can cast spells on his own but it is much harder to do. Rustscale, of course, has the same magic and doesn’t need any help to cast spells on his own.


Vacant practices the art of Wizardry, which is the summoning and binding of otherworldly entities. Vacant has a lot of spells involving demons. One particular demon taught him about a chaotic plane of slimes and he is starting to learn those spells too.

Slime Powers

Vacant is also experimenting with turning himself into a slime creature and has developed some of the abilities and characteristics of a slime.

Nature Tradition

Crawl follows the Nature Traditions. He has chosen a specific animal totem, the Spider, and concentrates his magic on channeling the spider, but he also can cast spells over Nature in general. Even though there is no specific Diety, this is a faith-based magic system.


Crimson has learned the arcane arts of Teleportation. His spells deal with the manipulation of space, and possibly when he much more powerful, time.

Traveler Tradition

Crimson also worships Star Hymn, the goddess of Stars, Dreams, Luck and Travel. He follows the Travel tradition, but can also cast spells from any of Star Hymn’s domains.


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