Council of Thieves

The Sewers

A dirty way to get away, but Vacant doesn't seem to mind

Juniper had talked to each of the characters, Pierce, Vacant and Crawl. She also had a suitor, Crimson who was present. Everyone was there to discuss the horrible things happening in Westcrown, in secret. Shadows stalked the nighttime streets in the name of public safety and going out after curfew was not only forbidden but often lethal. Criminal activity was at an all time high and the towns constabulary didn’t seem to be doing anything about it. At the end of the meeting, a boy, Mouse, busts in with news that they had been found out and that the knights of the Order of the Wrack were on their way and that they had Golden Hue. Juniper wanted to leave by way of the sewers under the city to a safer place. Rather than fight, most of the group wanted to go right away and Pierce was worried for their safety.

Under the sewers they followed pre-arranged marks on the walls: etched swords pointing the way to go. They walked slowly and quietly and avoided the filth of the sewer water. When it was clear that something was in the water, they turned to Vacant, their resident expert on slimes for answers only to find him tasting the sewer water.

Half ooze, half beetle Slime Bugs jumped up and almost pulled Mouse into the water. Vacant quickly leapt into action making splashing sounds of an animal in distress and lured the slime to him, but he also called another, hungry for a meal. Pierce plunged his sword into the new one while his dragon Rustscale and the druid Crawl took on the other as it swam past Mouse towards Vacant. Crawl suddenly grew another pair of black, hairy spider arms and drew four swords and made quick work of the Slime Bug. Meanwhile, Vacant kept the other busy by stretching his arms out to impossible lengths and splashed around it to confuse it until Pierce could slay it with his sword.

When they got to the next junction the sword mark had been clawed off and Juniper was going to have to retrace her steps through the labyrinth sewers. As they were attacked by two more Slime Bugs, Vacant drew them away with splashes and a bit of chicken he had stolen from dinner while the others crept silently away. The Slime Bugs tried to topple him on the rickety plank bridge but Vacant kept his balance on the snot-slick wood like he was born to it.

As they came to the next junction, Pierce noticed two small humanoid shapes crawling up behind them. Growing up in a land of perpetual night made his eyes sharp in the dark and he warned the others ahead so that he could take up a defensive position in the back while they shot bows and cast spells at the figures.

Getting into position and Pierce uttering magic words of Strength in the Draconic Tongue, they see two Sewer Kobolds coming up behind. Juniper fires her bow and knee caps one into the water right away. The other runs up to fight Pierce while Juniper finishes off the other. Pierce easily blocks the Kobold’s blow with his shield but misses his swing.

Another Kobold under water jumps up and surprises Juniper, almost dumping her into the water. Crimson, who had been staring at his chalked glyphs and at the ready, releases his spell and Juniper magically appears safely elsewhere. Rustscale, surprised, turns and bites the Kobold viciously. Juniper finishes it off with an arrow.

Meanwhile, another Slime Bug pops up during the splashing for a meal and attacks Crawl. Crawl dodges to the side and strikes the Slime Bug once with a short sword. When it was clear that the slow-moving Slime Bug would not be able to keep up with him, he once again grows another pair of spidery arms and lays into the Slime with four swords, taking it out.

Pierce trades blows with the Kobold, blocking every shot with his shield and Rustscale, now free of the new intruder, hop-flies over the sewer water and bites the Kobold right in the family jewels.

Hearing voices of patrols coming from the south, the group gets teleported across the slippery trench by Crimson and they continue their way to their destination. Each person gives a drop of blood to become a member and pass the wards of the entrance and they climb up from the cellar of an old ruin. The outside looks dilapidated but the inside looks new and well-kept. One of the last temples of Arrow and it is protected by an illusion of age. Juniper introduces them to several of the others, White Feather and Rabbit and announces, “Welcome to the Children of Westcrown!”



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