Council of Thieves

Introducing Vacant

My Only Friend

Vacantly Staring was a promising, brilliant mage in the most wonderful city in the world, Abandon. He delved into the mysteries of the Great Beyond, contacting the awesome and the vile alike. He finally became fascinated with Jubilex, the Faceless Lord, Demonlord of Slimes and Oozes. Making a pact, he began to turn himself into an ooze. Immediately reviled as both heretical and insane, the other wizards of Abandon convicted him and exiled him off of the island. His small boat crashed on the southern shores of the Red Empire. He soon found evidence of foul wizardry all about him, but its practitioners were not the least bit sympathetic, as they followed an orderly sort of evil that would brook no countenance with his madness. Constantly hunted and abused, he kept moving north until he found a quiet place of refuge in the Minotaur Mountains, begging from the few foolish souls who braved the pass. He was beset upon by orcs who couldn’t quite kill him easily and were busy debating the merits of eating something which dripped acid when a knight on a horse with a dragon at his side rode them down and killed them. The knight extended his hand and in a moment of possessed glee, Vacant melted the mailed glove of the knight and then recoiled in terror when he saw the kind face turn stern. However, brow furrowed, the knight found a stout log and held it out to him again to help him out of his hole. Realizing that he had finally found someone who would be nice to him despite his vile traits, he pledged to follow the knight and replace his melted armor. The knight did not care about the gauntlet but accepted his new companion and tries to keep him stable and sane, pointing him onto a path of order over chaos.



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