Council of Thieves

Introducing Pierce

From Darkness to Light

Pierce grew up in Midnight, a land of perpetual darkness in his family’s castle, Dragonhelm. There he roamed the mountains and followed the family tradition of isolation and staying out of Bloody Thorn’s religious politics. When performing one of the Prayers to the Dragons Below that he performed every week, he was shocked to find that there was an answer. Pierce formed a bond with a baby dragon and ran into the deep part of the mountains to find it. He raised it in the castle and explored with it, finally making sense of the lore that he had learned as merely tradition. From the very top of the Mindspin Mountains he looked east over Honor’s Stand and saw the sun rise. From that moment, he knew he couldn’t stay in Midnight any more. He went south over the Minotaur Mountains into the Red Empire. After meeting the strange old man, Vacant, he hired himself out as caravan guard and sellsword. Eventually he made his way to the old capitol and the Red Mug Inn where he meets Juniper.



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