Council of Thieves

Introducing Crawl

Always looking for trouble and never leaving disappointed

Mischievous Crawling was a druid of the River Kingdoms. He followed the Skin Changers, druids who picked a specific animal totem and followed its teachings and its ways while gaining the ability to transform into one of them. Crawling’s totem was the spider and he excelled in stealth and subterfuge. His intense curiosity quickly gained him many enemies in his homelands and he wisely decided to travel and see the world. The more he saw the more his thirst for new experiences and sights grew. His druidic powers did not increase in great leaps, but he did get stronger and increased his connection to the Spider. He also learned some skills for finding things that didn’t necessarily belong to him, but he never let pesky questions of property deter him from taking a peek at something interesting. While in the old capitol of the Red Empre, Westcrown, he met a very interesting woman, Junpier, who wanted to talk about some very interesting things at a secret meeting. How could anyone possibly resist an invitation like that!?



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