Vacantly Staring

Mad Slime Lord


Vacant is a tall spindly man who always walks in a stooped crouched shuffle in public, afraid of every little move and sound. Alone and absorbed with his work, he stands upright and proud, his self-consciousness completely forgotten. He is dirty and smelly and takes no effort to keep himself presentable. His clothes are rags that have never been mended or replaced and have seen the worst parts of four kingdoms. Strange things seem to interest and delight him and he’s always pawing and picking at the ground for some new slimy thing to look at. Just under his rags, the tattoo’d symbols of arcane rituals can just be seen, the only evidence that he is anything more than the worst sort of wretch. He carries a simple wooden cane to help him navigate rough surfaces and has a tattered bag thrown over his shoulder, but otherwise, carries no significant possessions, nor does he seem to need any. He has befriended a kind knight who sees promise in him and helps him stay grounded in humanity, otherwise, he would probably be lost to madness completely.


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Vacantly Staring

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