Pierce the Eye of Dragonhelm

Dragon Knight


Pierce is a strong, athletic man of medium build having lived his whole life wearing heavy armor and wielding swords and shields. He has an air of nobility and refinement, but is clearly a man of arms and seems more comfortable in the soldiers’ camp than in the court halls. He is usually seen wearing his family heraldry from the noble house of Dragonhelm in the ever-night lands of Midnight. He carries a fine, heavy, oft-used sword, Rockfall, given to him by his father. He carries a medium metal shield with his family’s herald on the front, a dragon wrapped around and biting a tower, the symbol of Dragonhelm, his family’s castle in the Mindspin Mountains in eastern Midnight. In combat he wears a battered suit of chain mail. He is often on his horse Twilight and is accompanied by a strange, foul-smelling beggar named Vacant.


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Pierce the Eye of Dragonhelm

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