Council of Thieves

The Rescue

Fighting Hellknights on a bridge

We meet the Children of Westcrown, the “we’re not rebels, just concerned citizens” of the old capitol, and we even discuss changing the name. We meet the members. Then we discuss the capture of Golden Hue by the Hellknights, the Order of the Rack.

Juniper wants to rescue him when he’s being transported to a prison outside of the city. He’s being transported by six Hellknights including a Signifier. The group decides to ambush the transport at a bridge near a river. The rest of the journey is open plain. Further, the wagon has heavy reinforcements at the beginning and end of the journey. Nevertheless, six Hellknights will be difficult enough to fight much less with the added difficulties of preserving their lives and protecting our identities.

We set up a fool-proof plan that’s pretty much guaranteed to fail. We set up Crimson and Juniper in one tree before the bridge and Vacant in a tree after the bridge and Crawl hiding under the bridge. Finally Pierce dresses as an Eagle Knight of Allshine and gets a new horse. He takes a up a position far from the bridge to bait and engage the Signifier, the only mounted HellKnight.

Pierce baits the Signifier into a duel. The wagon stops short of the bridge and the three other Hellknights advance slowly on foot to see the Signifier’s fight. Four barely-controlled lesser demons, Dretches, scurry from Vacant’s tree and attacks the bridge to keep the other Hellknights from engaging. Then Vacant throws some binding spells, to no avail, at the Hellknights. The Hellknights engage the demons and begin to slaughter them immediately. One goes down pretty quickly and another dies outright in just a few seconds. The skirmish would continue until one of the Dretches lets out a foul stink cloud that interferes with all their ability to fight effectively which simply prolongs the fight. Meanwhile, Crawl is still too far from the wagon to sneak behind it and let out the prisoner and crossbowmen are still behind. One stays on the wagon and another gets down to help the other knights.

At this time, Pierce and the Signifier have had their first clash. Pierce tilted his lance at the Signifier and misses, in some part due to his inexperience in battle and some due to the inexperience of the proud Signifier in the saddle. The Signifier attempts a mighty blow against Pierce but is blocked at the last second by a defense move, hastily executed after the miss of the lance. The horses pass each other and take a few more seconds to turn and charge again. This time, the lance nails the Signifier in the head, knocking him completely unconscious and bleeding badly. Pierce turns again and gives him a clean, honorable death.

The battle on the bridge has turned ugly. Juniper jumps the bow, so to speak, and fires an arrow at the crossbowman on the wagon, disarming him. He draws his sword and runs down the river searching for their hiding place. Crimson tries to teleport him into the water, but misses and Juniper fires and knocks him into the water, drowning him. The other crossbowman quickly comes over to help his friend. Vacant, seeing the end of his demons and the eventual clash between the unarmored party and the experienced Hellknights, he begins a far more lethal summoning, Slimes. However, it takes time and the Hellknight shoots a crossbow bolt into his stomach, severely injuring him and ruining his spell. Propped against the tree with a bleeding gut wound, Vacant hardily begins another casting, his newly acquired Slime constitution keeping him awake and aware over the wound. Juniper knocks the other crossbowman down on top of his friend with another arrow. Vacant finishes his spell and the end of the bridge is covered in Green Slime, two large patches of it, right under two of the Hellknights’ feet.

Pierce has ridden back quickly, turned and ridden by the stink cloud to tilt at the Hellknight furtherest from the bridge. He strikes him in the head, killing him instantly. The other two Hellknights immediately break moral and run, splashing through the green slime they were standing on. It begins to eat through their armor and in seconds begins to dissolve their legs.

Crimson has teleported over to the wagon and Crawl has snuck up. Crawl seems to have some understanding of the weaknesses of locks and opens it without the proper key. Golden Hue is released and the Hellknights dispatched. The party has their identities intact, but much blood was shed in the rescue and the group teleports back to the city with heavy hearts. It appears that the “non-violent citizen’s group” is a rebellion after all.



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