Council of Thieves

Meeting the Bastards of Hell

Wherein a dragon trumps fake fangs

The group is taking a rest from their new glory as shadow slayers and they hear of a group of thieves who are not just robbing but also murdering those they rob and leaving no witnesses. Hue was meeting a contact to find out more about these Bastards when he was caught by the Hellknights. They strike about once a week, so the group lays low waiting for them to strike a again and get the information they need.

The Bastards of Hell are a group of devilkin who live in an abandoned part of the southern side of the city. They’re holed up in a ruined Old Deadeye Temple and have many of the surrounding buildings cleared out and watched. Mouse went to investigate and gave some numbers on how many guards were in the surrounded houses and what ways in and out of the Temple there are. He also mentioned that they are very alert at night but the place is empty during the day.

So, the group went down there during the day and decided to pay the Shoemaker a visit. According to Mouse only one guard stays there. Vacant crept up in his beggar guise – actually, his normal clothes – and didn’t see anything suspicious. So the rest followed up and found the place closed up with a new lock. Crawl tried for several minutes to pick it but wasn’t able to. Then Crawl cast his Spider Step spell which let him crawl up the walls to a second floor window where he saw the guard being disturbed in his sleep. He also most got caught, hanging from the side of the building, letting his two extra spider arms slowly grow out of his midsection and pull two short swords from their sheaths in case the chin showed over the sill. But the guard went back to sleep.

Pierce told everyone to step back while he puts a boot to the door, but Crimson had a quieter plan. Using his Portals spell, he opened a small portal in the space that he could reach through – to the other side of the door and opened it from the inside. Once in, Pierce looked around and saw the way up to the second floor. He decided that he’s not the kind of person who would murder a man in his bed and he wasn’t likely to stealth in chain mail anyway, so he just stomped up the stairs as quickly as he could and caught the man, surprised, in his bed. Pierce ordered him to stay still and he wouldn’t get hurt.

The man hesitated but Pierce could tell that he wanted some weapon on the bed stand. Pierce edged over to look and it was a pair of fake fangs. Apparently, the man felt a little underwhelming in his underwear in bed and wanted to look as scary as a knight with sword and shield telling him to sit. When Pierce saw them, he called up Rustscale and scratching the dragon on the chin said, “Do you really think those teeth are going to impress me?”

The man surrendered and Pierce sat him down and started grilling him for information. Here’s what he learned:

  • There was a gang of normal guys just pretending to be Tieflings .
  • There are four leaders, Long Horns, the Mummies (a pair) and a big guy named Digger.
  • The one time someone suggested that Long Horns horns were fake too, that guy was never heard from again. Everyone else says they’re real.
  • The Church has a big place underneath. The Digger is making it bigger.
  • There are a couple of guards and old dog named Scabby on guard at the front door of the church.
  • Long Horns has some dogs of his own, but they’re not alive. Four of them are in the Chairmaker’s house. He has more down below.
  • The Mummies are a pair of mummies, twin kings with ancient magic.
  • Most of the gang are just supposed to look like devilkin, be scary and look impressive. But there are some serious guys, called the Rogues, who are allowed down below and pull the real jobs.

The guard was thought he was going to be let go, but when Pierce said that he was coming with them so that he couldn’t squeal to his friends, he gave up one more piece of information. There’s a rumor that all of the buildings are connected by secret tunnels. Tying the guy up and leaving Rustscale to watch over him, the group looks around the first floor and finds the secret door with a new lock. This time Crawl picks it open and a secret entrance is revealed.



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