Council of Thieves

Going to the Theatre

Laying Low


The party begins looting the bodies for things to sell for the resistance. Pierce takes a suit of Hellknight armor to use as a disguise in the future. They gather up swords, crossbows, horses, some jewelry from the Signifier and two heal potions.

After that, they slime everything else, reducing it to a puddle of green ooze and teleport away. They appear in a perfume shop, a secret teleport location of Crimson’s. Then they all make their way separately to the hideout in the old Shrine of Arrow.

There they celebrate the release of Hue and decide to “lay low” for several days. The first thing they do during this time is, Pierce, Crimson and Amber sell the horses. That’s no problem with Amber’s uncle Turquoise. At the same time they meet a rich, blustery fool of a mintrel named Harp who want to get a “horse fit for a king” to use in his play. He wants something that looks impressive and scorns the advice of Pierce, who already doesn’t think much of him, that he needs a docile horse that would work well on the stage. Maliciously, Pierce decides to sell Harp the Signfier’s mistreated warhorse at an outrageous price and split the extra money with Turquoise.

They hear that the horse did indeed make an incident. It kicked some poor actor in the head and embarrassed Harp. Pierce felt bad that it wasn’t Harp that got kicked, so he paid for a physician to look in on the actor who was kicked. Crimson received a bouquet of dead flowers, who he assumed was from one of his many neglected lovers and Pierce mysteriously received two tickets to a play. He checked out the theater ahead of time and it was one of the poorest theaters in the city. He decides to go, with Vacant and Rustscale and hides Rustscale on the roof where the dragon can watch and listen. Pierce and Vacant sit in the very top balcony to be close to Rustscale in case something goes wrong (either because the dragon is spotted or this is a setup).

The play wasn’t great, but the lowly masses, including Vacant, enjoyed it and so Pierce was of the opinion that it wasn’t an evening wasted. Afterwards they found out that it was Harp who had sent the flowers and the tickets. It was his way of “punishing” them for embarrassing them. He accosts Pierce at a tavern where Pierce likes to drink. It’s a fighting man’s bar full of soldiers, caravan guards, marines and other dock workers and laborers. Pierce can’t help but insult him and when Harp implies that Pierce is “inferior” finally riles Pierce’s noble heritage into standing up and defending his honor. Presented with a fighting man, wearing a noble’s tabard and longsword at his hip, the flustered Harp quickly back peddled and then in a last act of defiance, grabbed Pierce’s drink and threw it in the bartender’s face. Pierce apologized to the bartender and gave him a big tip.

As Pierce is going home, he notices a sign that says that money will be paid for the shadow beast’s body. The shadow beasts roam the streets at night in a terrorizing attempt to enforce curfew. There’s also a note from someone who said they did it and got paid. Pierce sent Mouse to look into the story of the shadow beast’s body and Mouse says its legit. So now the players are thinking of trying to kill one themselves.



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